Canít afford a baby now? Want to continue your education? You can be your sonís or daughterís hero!

Many women and men who first considered abortion end up choosing adoption for their babies. Adoption is much different than it used to be. Itís no longer giving your baby up! Itís giving your baby MORE!

With open adoption, you can choose from several loving families which would be the best parents for your child. And you can even choose if you wish remain in contact with the baby and the adoptive family throughout the babyís life. You can even get your living expenses paid during pregnancy, like housing, food, and medical bills. Closed adoption is still an option, too, if you wish not to have contact with the family or your child.

Contact Crossroads to find out about adoption support services that are available in your area. And see our adoption page for more detailed information.

Crossroads provides peer counsel and accurate information on all pregnancy options; however, we do not provide or refer for abortions.