Choosing to continue your pregnancy is your RIGHT as a mom, and NO ONE can take that right away from you. In fact, even if the father of your child offers to pay for an abortion, he is still liable to support the child. We are here for you!

9 Months and Counting . . .

When you see the PLUS sign or those two pink lines, many strong feelings of emotion take over you. Some good. Some bad. The fact that you are pregnant now is an eternal truth (unless “Back to the Future” actually comes true, and we can travel in a Delorian to turn back the hands of time). ;o)

So now what?

Obviously the three main outcomes of pregnancy are PARENTING, ADOPTION, and ABORTION. With each decision comes long-term and both positive and negative events and feelings. What do you want for YOUR life? What do you want for your BABY’S life?

If you know that you will carry this baby to term and the pregnancy will end in child birth, then your two options become PARENTING and ADOPTION. The best news is that you DON’T HAVE TO DECIDE TODAY between these two options. In fact, in the state of Louisiana, you can’t even formally surrender your legal rights as a mother until the baby is at least three days old (with agency adoptions) and five days old (with attorney adoptions). These rules are meant to protect YOU as a mother. This means that if you are considering adoption but change your mind and decide to keep your baby, that is your right and your choice! And you will be supported no matter what! See our adoption page for more information on adoption.

If you know you are destined to be a mommy or daddy, and you know that you have the time, patience, finances, and other resources to provide the best care and love for this baby, then Crossroads is the place for you to start making the best parenting plan possible. We can help you with

  • Emotional and practical support through peer counseling and education
  • Baby supplies
  • Maternity clothes
  • Newborn baby care
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Childbirth preparation education
  • Parenting support for Moms AND Dads (individual or in groups)
  • Links to many community resources like Child Care Assistance, WIC, Nurse Family Partnership, and much more

So, you’re going to be a MOMMY! What kind of mommy will you be? Whether married or single, it takes time, patience, and planning to be a happy mom for a happy baby. Start today by scheduling your first appointment.