If Parents Were Hired, Would You Apply?

Just like any job, being a mom or dad can be very rewarding. But it takes many skills and resources to make your BOSS (the baby) happy.

Job Application for Parents

List the Responsibilities that are Required to Care for a Baby:

List the Qualifications (Skills & Experience) that YOU have that will contribute to this Job:

What are the Time Requirements to be a good Caregiver for a Baby?

What times of Day and what Days of the Week are YOU Available for a Baby?

Job Description for Parents

List the Benefits that come with this Job?

What Compensation or Payment will be Provided by your Boss?

How Long do YOU see yourself Staying in this Position with this Company?

Why Should your BOSS hire YOU in this position of Parent, above all other Applicants?

What are your Goals and Dreams for this Company?

Adapted from National Council For Adoption. (2005). Consider the possibilities: Adoption liason workbook. Section 3: Ten-minute solutions.