Counseling & Ongoing Support

CONFIDENTIAL counseling at no-cost is a valuable thing when you need support. You will be assigned your own special Client Advocates who will help you to advocate for YOUR and YOUR BABY’S needs!

Counseling involves a one-on-one education or support session with your Client Advocate, where you can discuss any and all concerns that you have about pregnancy, relationships, your goals, parenting, etc.


Your counselor will work with you on a monthly basis to support you through pregnancy.
You may learn about

  • Pregnancy symptoms and how to deal with them
  • Applying for insurance or Medicaid and other resources like WIC, food stamps, etc.
  • The importance of prenatal care and how to obtain it
  • Pregnancy ages and stages
  • Goal setting and how to maintain a successful career and education while pregnant
  • Childbirth education and preparation through a DVD series
  • Resources in the community that can help make you the best parent possible
  • How to deal with the emotions commonly felt during pregnancy (ah, those hormones!)
  • How to earn free baby items through our Merits for Moms program


Your counselor will support you as needed throughout your baby’s first year of life.
You may learn about

  • Newborn baby care (bathing, burping, feeding, sleeping, etc)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Recovery from childbirth
  • Non-violent forms of discipline
  • How to deal with your emotions as a new mom
  • How to continue successfully with your educational and career goals while being a new mom
  • Obtaining child care for your baby
  • Other community resources to help you be the best parent possible