Parenting Classes

If you are gearing up to embark on your parenting journey, we have your back! We want to help you build your skills and your confidence in your ability to be a loving and capable parent. We offer free parenting classes for expectant parents to learn and grow! It takes a village to raise a child, and we can be your village.

Empowering Expectant Parents

Unplanned pregnancies can make you feel like you are not capable of being a parent. We are here to tell you that you can and to help you know what to expect. We walk alongside you and teach you the parenting basics you need to jumpstart your confidence. We are committed to unlocking your parenting potential. We offer classes on labor and delivery, infant care, car seat safety, breastfeeding, and more to help you feel empowered and prepared on this journey.

Making Parenting Accessible

Skills and knowledge are just one piece of the puzzle. We know you will need supplies to care for your child as an infant and into early childhood. To help reduce the financial strain, we offer a Learn While You Earn program. Our Earn While You Learn program allows you to earn credits you can redeem baby supplies in our maternity and baby supply room. We want you to be prepared, both mentally and materially. Through our program, our hope is you enter parenting with all you need to set yourself up to be the best parent you can.

Get Help Today!

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy? At Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center, we are here to support you with services and resources to help you make an empowered choice. If you are considering parenting and are interested in our resources for expectant parents, reach out today! Contact us to learn more about our parenting class program and other services.